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New to scuba diving? Take the plunge with us!

The Newton Stewart Sub Aqua Club is affiliated to the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) which is the UK governing body for the sport.  All training done at our club is to internationally recognised standards and will stand you in good stead regardless of where you dive in the world.

Many people ask what the difference is between training with a BSAC club or taking a course with PADI.  BSAC is a not-for-profit organisation with a national, elected diving committee whereas PADI is a commercial venture.  BSAC offers training by nationally qualified instructors in a club environment where people can learn at their own pace and get support from fellow club members. PADI offers off-the-shelf training and qualification for a set fee.  Which you choose depends on your circumstances.  To find out more visit www.bsac.com or www.padi.com.

Learn to Scuba Dive with BSAC from BSAC on Vimeo.

Get started today!

The beginner diver grade with BSAC is called the Ocean Diver Course.  Our Club generally starts this training in the early part of each season (Contact Us for details).  This is normally held on Wednesday evenings at the Merrick Leisure Centre in Newton Stewart.  A free try-dive night is initially held to allow interested people to come along and find out about what the club does and what is involved in training with us (please get in touch with us if you would like to attend as there may be limited places).  We run through some of the basic theory of diving and give short introductory practical sessions in the swimming pool.  Following the try dive night, we expect those wanting to continue with the Ocean Diver Course to join our club and buy course materials.  You can find out about the costs involved in our Join the Club section.

The Ocean Diver Course consists of 7 theory lessons, 5 practical sheltered water lessons (in the swimming pool), a short theory test and at least 4 open water dives in the sea.  This certification will allow you to dive on club dives to a depth of 20 metres. We hire the Merrick swimming pool for sheltered water lessons early in the season and go on to start diving in the sea in April/May.  During the pool training it is recommended that trainees buy their own mask, fins and snorkel.  SCUBA kit is provided by members for pool training purposes.  For dives in the sea the trainee will need some kind of diving suit (either a dry suit or a thick wet suit) that fits reasonably well.  Because people come in all shapes and sizes we cannot guarantee to provide these, however the club does have a number of dry suit that can be borrowed and hopefully one will be found that fits. Most other SCUBA kit can be borrowed from members for open water training.

For more information on the Ocean Diver course visit the BSAC web site.

For those who are keen, the Ocean Diver Course is just the beginning.  There are four more diver grades to progress to, Skill Development Courses to take part in, club dive trips to get away on and the possibility of becoming an instructor yourself.  You can also learn the drive the Club RIB and become a coxswain yourself!

If you are concerned about whether you are fit enough to dive, please consult the BSAC Medical Matters section of their web site.  The BSAC works on a self certification method.

If you would like to discuss learning to dive with us why not drop us an email or give one of us a call.  See the Contact Us section for our details.

For a list of benefits of being a member of the NSSAC see the Join the Club section.

Visit BSAC.com