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This is the part of our web site where we have pieced together bits of information that we have found about the wrecks we dive. Quite a lot of information comes from accounts of the sinking of the vessel in question but we also have some photos or diagrams of when the ships sailed the West Coat of Scotland.

This section is a work in progress and we will hopefully add more information over time. If you know something about one of these wrecks that we don’t or if you have any related photos we would be very grateful if you got in touch.

We also have a number of possible wreck sites that we are actively investigating and we will hopefully be able to add more wrecks to this list.


S.S. Jasper

The S.S. Jasper was one of Mr William Robertson’s Gem Line of coastal steam ships registered in Glasgow. She was on her way from Workington to Glasgow with a cargo of steal rails when, in stormy weather, she hit rocks near Cairn Head in Wigtown Bay ripping off her propeller and rudder. She somehow managed to back off only to founder a mile out in Port Yerrock with the loss of all hands.

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S.S. Riverside

The S.S. Riverside belonged to Mr J. Shiels of Belfast and was carrying a cargo of coal from Maryport to Strangford Lough. She was heading into a freshening west to northwest wind when she began taking water into the hold. As the vessel began to list the crew of six abandoned ship and took to the lifeboats. Soon after they had seen the vessel founder they were rescued by the Isle of Whithorn lifeboat.

More S.S. Riverside History

S.S. Kevinside

The S.S. Kelvinside owned by Captain A. Dempsey of Maryport was carrying a cargo of coal and iron ore from Whitehaven to Strangford Lough. At the mouth of Luce Bay the engine broke down and a leak was discovered. Without the engine to operate the pumps the vessel was doomed and the crew of eight took to the lifeboats. The Kelvinside eventually sank near to the Scares rocks.

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The Great Ouse

The Great Ouse was a bucket dredger under tow in rough weather. When the cable parted the unstable vessel capsized and sank. Due to wartime censorship little information about the sinking is to be found. The vessel lies near to the Kelvinside in the mouth of Luce Bay.

More The Great Ouse History

Landing Craft ADC-527

The ADC 527 was a British Mark IV Landing Craft Tank converted at the end of the war for ammunition disposal, hence the new prefix ADC (Ammunition Dumping Craft). She and two other vessels were on route from Silloth to Cairn Ryan with a cargo of ammunition when they ran into a storm. The two other vessels veered away to the shelter of the Isle of Man, but the unwieldy ADC 527 pressed on only to founder with the loss of all twelve crew near to Burrow Head.

More Landing Craft ADC-527 History

S.S. Woodburn

The S.S. Woodburn was one of the Kelly Line fleet registered in Belfast. She was on her regular run from Maryport to Carrickfergus with a cargo of coal. In stormy weather at around 5 a.m. she foundered near to the Isle of Whithorn, where she was probably heading to seek shelter. The crew of seven all perished as the high cliffs would have prevented them accessing the shore.

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S.S. Inkosi

The S.S. Inkosi left Liverpool on 27 March 1918 bound for Brazil when she was torpedoed by U96. All but three of the crew escaped but the steamer was finished off by the German U-Boat’s deck gun.

More S.S. Inkosi History

S.S. Craignair/The Chile

The Barque Chile went ashore in a gale in 1914 and for unknown reasons the Salvage Steamer Craignair sank on top of her whilst trying to salvage the wreck in 1918.

More S.S. Craignair/The Chile History

S.S. Ben Veg

Whilst on passage from Cairnlough to Whitehaven the Ben Veg collided with the MV Brittany off the Mull of Galloway. Whilst attempting to take the vessel to the Isle of Man she had to be abandoned as the water level rose. The crew were all rescued.

More S.S. Ben Veg History

George A. Savage

The George A. Savage was sailing from Workington to Swansea with a cargo of pitch when she went missing after 10/03/1917 and was presumed to have been sunk by a German U Boat.

More George A. Savage History

MFV Valhalla

On the 6th December 1990 the Valhalla was under tow of the fishing vessel Ocean Queen from Whitehaven to Girvan for repairs when she sprang a leak and foundered 6 miles from the Isle of Whithorn.

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