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S.S. Ben Veg

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Registered in Ramsey, the Ben Veg was built in 1914 at the Larne Shipbuilding Company for the Ramsey Steam Ship Co Ltd. Her engines were from Gauldie, Gillespie & Co of Glasgow.  At 22.00 hours on 22/05/1941 whilst on passage from Cairnlough to Whitehaven she collided with the MV Brittany, 6 miles north by west of the Mull of Galloway.  The Brittany at 4772 tons was owned by the Royal Mail Lines and was part of an outward bound convoy to the River Plate with general cargo.  The Brittany’s bow caught the Ben Veg on her starboard side and inflicted serious damage.  Whilst attempting to take the vessel to the Isle of Man to beach her at Peel she had to be abandoned as the water level rose.  The crew of six observed the sinking 8 miles off the Point of Ayr at noon.  The crew were all rescued by an R.A.F. launch.  

History courtesy of Adrian Corkill  (www.iom-shipwrecks.com)

A Photo of the S.S. Ben Veg
S.S. Ben Veg  
Ship type Steam Coaster
Owner Ramsey Steam Ship Company
Registered Ramsey
Built by Larne Shipbuilding Company
Launched 1914
Engines by Gauldie, Gillespie & Co. of Glasgow
Propulsion Steam Two Cylinder
Tonnage 159grt
Length 99ft (approx.)
Beam 23ft (approx.)
Draught 10ft (approx.)
Status Foundered after collision 22/05/1941

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