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S.S. Woodburn

by NSDivers

The S.S. Woodburn was one of the Kelly Line fleet registered in Belfast. She was on her regular run from Maryport to Carrickfergus with a cargo of coal. In stormy weather at around 5 a.m. she foundered near to the Isle of Whithorn, where she was probably heading to seek shelter. The crew of seven all perished as the high cliffs would have prevented them accessing the shore.

Article in Galloway Gazette 23/02/1923
Photo of S.S. Woodburn (on right) alongside Castlereagh

Photo Courtesy of www.shipsnostalgia.com

S.S. Woodburn 
Ship typeSteam coaster
OwnerKelly Line
Built byAilsa Shipbuilding Co.
Engines byAilsa Shipbuilding Co.
PropulsionSteam two cylinder, 27rhp engine
Tonnage171grt, 68nrt
StatusFoundered 18/02/1923

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